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Bring your content to life


Create your own content - With Maester you get to create your own content. It can hardly go wrong with our easily accessible content manager: we give you the tools to do it yourself.

Your story - In Maester, you decide how you want to present a topic. We call this the 'rhythm' of your story: start with an informative text, regain attention by showing a video and end with a challenging quiz. We guide you through all the steps to make sure the knowledge is transferred to the user in the best possible way.

Customize your own Maester - Everyone is unique. That's why Maester lets you customize your environment in your style. Your company, your idea, your Maester.

From text to TedTalk - Maester loves media. Whether it's an article, image, video or external webpage: Maester will let you use all types of content.

Test the knowledge! - With our different quiz variations, you will be able to easily test and measure knowledge.
Through direct feedback, users will directly know why they gave a wrong answer. This makes for easy learning.

Your content, your public - Need to train a trainee, or retrain a big group of managers? In Maester you can target specific groups within the platform. That way you can create a difference in experience, skill, and goals.


Engage your people


Pin a ribbon - Everybody wants to be the best. In Maester we like to reward effort: the more a student watches or learns, the more they earn. That way you keep your students motivated in a fun manner.

Every opinion counts - It's important to ask your staff for feedback. This way you spark discussions that lead to insight and improvement. Stand stronger together!

Draw the attention  - The different possibilities to share knowledge are plenty with Maester. If a certain topic is super important you can use Maester's focus pages to draw attention.

Knowledge as a game - Everybody wants to move on to the next level. In Maester you unlock new content in a playful way. This motivates users to learn more and get rewarded with useful information.

Stay on track - People are easily distracted, the average attention span is only 8 seconds! With the right mix of learning, playing and rewards we make sure that your people stay focused on the content.

Ask users for feedback - Using a smiley rating system and optional textual feedback, Maester asks users for feedback on the content you created. This way, users stay involved and you keep your content quality as high as possible


Share and play


Learning becomes social - With user profiles, rankings and on-topic discussion you get a lively and social platform.

Ranking - While learning a user earns study points. These points also affect the ranking scores. This way you challenge your users, in a playfull manner.

News - Want to keep your team up-to-date, make an announcement or share something interesting? Maester includes a news feature that lets you publish articles and lets your team discuss these!

Event planner - Maester can also be used to manage hosted events such as workshops and classroom training. This turns Maester into a central point of contact even more.


Stats and growth


Content statistics - Watch the feedback from users and see the correlations between questions and answers. Based on statistics you can easily enhance your content.

User statistics - From team to user: Maester lets you review a broad selection of (success) statistics, which you can use to improve your content to get a better success and participation rate.

Statistics export - Export a detailed CSV containing all collected user information at the click of a button. This is useful for data-tracking and custom analyses.

And 81 other cool features

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