Ad Hofstede

Ad Hofstede

Ad Hofstede
Erasmus Academie

Education is not a luxury, on the contrary. Education is the raw material of our society. Our economy depends on it and our social, cultural and political values and institutions. That is why lifelong learning is so important. That is my conviction.

Education is therefore more than just learning. Education is also there to activate and challenge, to connect and to establish relationships. With contemporary challenges, debates, dreams, illusions and provocations.

With a close team we develop training courses that inspire and motivate young and old, professionals and interested parties

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Via Maester kan iedereen trainingen plaatsen, overnemen, verbeteren en weer terugplaatsen, waardoor de content van iedere training én die van Maester als geheel, doorlopend verrijkt wordt met de kennis, inzichten en behoeften van alle gebruikers.

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